The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin

Promises are broken

Politicians of all parties have made undertakings before an election that they abandon once in power. Is it any wonder that we lack trust in our politicians and political system?

David Cameron promised before the last election that there would be no top-down reform of the NHS, but his reform is now under way. Nick Clegg promised not to increase tuition fees for university students, but then presided in a government which did just that.

Both Tony Blair and David Cameron promised a referendum on whether to remain in the EU, but it hasn’t happened yet.

In relation to Europe, Tony Blair declared, “The UK rebate will remain and we will not negotiate it away. Period.” In fact, the Labour government gave up an additional £7 billion of rebate over the next seven years.

Politicians don’t serve the people

There is a growing perception that our political elite don’t believe in public service. For some people, particularly career politicians, getting into power and staying in the job are more important than being true to their party’s principles and beliefs.

If politicians really believed they were elected to serve the people, wouldn’t they keep their promises? By taking the electorate for granted once they’re in power, our political leaders have fostered cynicism and trampled over the goodwill of many decent people.