The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin

Our plan in outline

Reform the political system

1  We will campaign to reform political party funding so that party policies can’t be bought by the highest bidder. We want legislation for a £5,000 annual maximum for any individual or corporate donation to a party’s funds.

2  We want Parliamentary candidates who bring genuine experience and skills to the role. We will only support Parliamentary candidates who have at least 10 years’ experience working outside politics.

Create smaller government

3  We will campaign to reduce the size of central government through a root and branch review of the operations of major departments on the model of the Gove review of the Department for Education. We believe an estimated £30 billion a year could be saved by focusing a review on the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Department for International Development and Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

4  We want further cuts in central government spending, reducing expenditure as a percentage of GDP to 35%.  Sales to the private sector of 10% of the government national property register valued at £337 billion in 2007 would raise significant funds to reduce taxes, pay down debt and create growth.

Return responsibility to the taxpayer

5  We want to see taxation reduced for the poorest workers so as to raise incentives to work. We will campaign for the tax threshold to increase from its current level to £15,000 (cost = £15 billion).

6  We want simpler taxes and will campaign to reduce double taxation by abolishing capital gains tax (cost = £4.3 billion).

7  We will encourage individual financial responsibility by incentivising saving. The index-linked National Savings Account at 2% above inflation should be restored to support and encourage responsible savers.

Encourage growth and enterprise

8  We want better incentives for wealth creation and enterprise. We will campaign to set a new £50,000 threshold at which people start paying the higher 40% rate of tax (cost = £3.4 billion).

9  We will urge government to deregulate small business and free it from excessive bureaucracy. Businesses with fewer than 250 employees should be able to hire new people on a full-time, self-employed basis without the need for a contract.

10  In the longer term, we will campaign for the abolition of corporation tax.