The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin

Our core beliefs

The 4th Agenda is a movement that believes in principled leadership. We believe politicians should have the right skills and experience for their role in government and that a party’s policies should flow from its core principles. 

We believe in running the country more like a business and less like a wasteful expense account. So we believe in the value of business-like competence and common sense.

The 4th Agenda believes that taxation is not ‘government money’ but our money – on loan and to be used sparingly and wisely.

We believe in fairness and in looking after the poor and the vulnerable in society. To do that, we need a dynamic economy that generates the wealth to pay for public services.

The 4th Agenda believes in less government and greater freedom and self-determination for individuals and businesses. People can better manage their own affairs without an interfering state constraining their spirit and telling them what to do.

Our focus is on business and growth

The 4th Agenda’s main focus is on enabling enterprise and stimulating the economy. Through economic growth, we can create jobs and ensure there is the wealth to pay for the public services we value. 

Small businesses, in particular, have the capacity to lead us out of deficit but are hampered by regulation and taxation. Given the right environment they can drive growth and recovery, and build confidence.