The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin


Recent media coverage:

London Loves Business, 29th April 2013
Four in five Britons say politicians "too reckless with public money"
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City A.M, 29th April 2013
British public is slowly becoming more fiscally conservative
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The Spectator, 16th March 2013
Diary, Quentin Letts: Thatcherites will like a new ginger group called 4th Agenda, which has strong views on tax and foreign aid
The Daily Telegraph, 13th March 2013
Budget 2013: Small businesses need tax cut to boost growth, says Graham Mitchell, brother of ex-Chief Whip

Recent news:

11th March 2013
The 4th Agenda website is launched

The 4th Agenda is a new voice in politics, focused on business and growth, which challenges the basic premise of hollow, centre-ground politics. The expenses’ scandals, broken promises, cynical policies and unprincipled leadership have given birth to a new political movement.

This movement is a response to the ever-increasing number of incompetent career politicians who lack empathy, experience and judgement. It's a response to the huge increase in the cost of government, the continuing waste of taxpayers’' money and our general mistrust of our current political leaders.

The 4th Agenda will reignite the torch of freedom. We want to set entrepreneurs and small businesses free from the dead hand of regulation, excessive taxation and bureaucratic bossiness on the part of an overly intrusive, expensive and incompetent central government.

We stand for principled leadership, freedom and enterprise. We believe in common sense and that individuals spend money more wisely than the state. This is a movement that believes in personal responsibility, not political correctness. We believe in fighting for a set of values rather than embracing focus groups and political spin.

The 4th Agenda rejects Tony Blair’'s 3rd Way and the cosy political consensus of middle-ground fudge and compromise that deny us all a real choice in our democracy. We want politics to work for people rather than people working for politics.