The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin

Freedom is under threat

The essence of freedom is choice. Without freedom, the human spirit is cheapened. Without choice, we are reduced and harnessed by diktat.

So, if you believe in individual freedom, you’ll ensure the government doesn’t deprive individuals of choice. If you believe in individual responsibility, you’ll ensure the government doesn’t interfere with individuals’ control of their own finances.

Why then does our political system give us no real choice of candidates or policies while each of the main parties rushes to occupy the safe centre ground?

Why has the Coalition removed our right to choose how we spend our charitable giving on foreign aid? It seems to think it knows better than we do.

Why did the Coalition use the 2012 budget to try to restrict the tax incentives on charitable giving? Voluntary giving is in our DNA, as demonstrated by a new all time record of over £75 million raised for Red Nose Day in March 2013, despite difficult economic times.

The state interferes too much

Both individuals and businesses suffer from an overarching, interfering state that restricts freedom and responsibility.

Our small businesses are over regulated and over taxed. Achieving growth is critical to our recovery and small businesses are key to growth. Yet aspiration and enterprise are being driven out of our economy just when we need them most.