The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin

Career politicians lack experience

Who makes the big decisions in politics? Career politicians make them. One in seven MPs has never had a proper job. Many more have worked only briefly as lobbyists, speech writers or PR advisers.

Of course, lots of good people go into politics with a desire to benefit society. But career politicians have gradually changed the makeup of the House of Commons and diminished the standing of Parliament.

Career politicians can’t empathise with the lives of the electorate because they don’t know about ordinary working life. Their engagement feels false and undermines trust.

Career politicians don’t have what’s needed for the job

George Osborne may have gained some experience with his family’s wallpaper business but does that qualify him to be Chancellor of the Exchequer? We need him to lead us out of the economic crisis –but his policies won'’t create the growth we desperately need and we have already lost our AAA rating.

The economic crisis may be a global issue but Labour didn’t help by overspending on public sector services and wasting taxpayers’ money on inefficient PFI contracts.

It’s not just a lack of experience and competence that’s the problem. It’s fundamentally a lack of judgement.

The 35 policy U-turns in the first two years of the Coalition were the result of airing ill-conceived plans before exploring whether they could actually be delivered. Many people have now lost confidence in politicians’ competence, integrity and sense of priorities.