The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin

About us

We think the time has come for a new voice in politics – a voice calling for common sense, freedom and sound financial policies. That voice is The 4th Agenda.

The 4th Agenda is a new political movement. Its purpose is to improve lives in the UK through:

  • More competent, efficient and streamlined government
  • Lower taxation
  • Freedom from an interfering state for individuals and businesses

We are dedicated to providing more choice in UK democracy. The 4th Agenda stands for principled leadership, more competent government, experienced and skilled MPs, less waste and lower taxes. We want greater freedom from bureaucratic intrusion for the individual and for business.

We want to put money back in people’s pockets, especially the hard working poor and the squeezed middle class. We want to keep it out of the hands of a wasteful state.

How this new voice in politics was launched

The 4th Agenda began with a group of small business entrepreneurs who wanted freedom to create wealth and jobs. We can help get the country out of recession but we’re hampered by high taxes and over regulation. We want to play a part in  a convincing business and enterprise plan to inspire growth and confidence in our economy.

Increasingly, people from a whole range of backgrounds and roles find they share The 4th Agenda’s values. These are people who believe passionately in democracy but are dismayed by our politicians and our parties. They want leaders who stick to their principles, keep their promises and fight for their values.

Together, supporters of this new voice in politics will campaign for more common sense in UK politics.