The 4th Agenda

Principles and values, not political spin
Career politicians let us down
Career politicians lack the experience and judgement to run the country. Electors don't trust them and they diminish the standing of Parliament.
Common ground, not centre ground
The 4th Agenda occupies the common ground of UK politics, not the centre ground. We offer a common-sense approach to rebuilding trust in politicians and political parties.
Politicians waste taxpayers’ money
Government spending has doubled in 15 years from £312 billion in 1997 to £688 billion in 2012. Taxes have had to increase to pay for it.
Encourage new growth
The 4th Agenda believes in freeing small businesses and entrepreneurs to pull the country out of recession and create new jobs.
Career politicians seem to lack heartfelt principles
Crowd pleaser policies are decided by focus groups instead of flowing from core values. Election promises are regularly broken.
The new voice in politics
The 4th Agenda is the new voice in politics. We want principled leadership and efficient government. We stand for low taxation, less bureaucracy and greater freedom.
Stand up for freedom
Without freedom, the human spirit is cheapened. The 4th Agenda will reclaim our freedoms through principled leadership and a clear set of values and beliefs.


What next?

Right now, we especially want to hear from people who are concerned about the state of the economy and believe our politicians are making the wrong choices. Contact us and we'll arrange an interview where you can have your say.

If, like us, you're tired of cynical and unprincipled politics, led by career politicians who lack experience, judgement and empathy – then come and join a new political movement. If you're tired of having no real choice because all the mainstream parties are the same – join us at The 4th Agenda.

Explore the options for getting involved. Support The 4th Agenda as the new voice in politics. Together we'll campaign for common-sense policies that promote our core beliefs and values – lower taxation, more efficient government, economic growth and freedom from unnecessary interference by the state.